Remelt Stock

" AOD refined feed stock to customer specific analysis of third party material."

Customer's free issue material can either be consolidated or secondary refined to produce feedstock of homogenous analysis. Secondary Argon Oxygen Decarburisation (AOD) refining facilitates the reduction of carbon and sulphur within the charge material and enables the addition of higher value alloying elements under an inert atmosphere to achieve a customer’s target specification.

Goodwin achieves technically challenging target chemistries to maximise the return for the customer as a result of the breadth of knowledge and skillset retained within the melt shop. A bespoke software system is employed to ensure traceability of material throughout the process in which yield analysis can be performed for each out turn of consolidated or refined feedstock.

We supply air melted ingots to the investment casting industry and industrial melt shops who value known analysis charge material. The minimum consolidation melting charge is 500Kg of material. The minimum refining charge is 8000Kg of material. Goodwin offer re-melting stock in the form of 20Kg pigs or standardised cast billets from 500-5000Kg. Material is securely palletised and shrink wrap covers applied to prevent the ingress of water and aid material identification of saleable feedstock.

With the increasing popularity of the austenitic, super austenitic and duplex stainless steels melt shop face an increasing need to ensure the economic supply of quality feed stock and also the control their melting returns. Many end users and specifiers including BP, Statoil, Norsok, the NACE technical committee and CTi recognise the value and importance of using refined melting stock and the use of refined material is mandatory for some petrochemical contracts.